Dato’ Simon Lim Seng Chai

Advisor/ Past Chairman

Dato’ Simon Lim, the Group Managing Partner of Gan & Zul since 2016. Started his legal practice in 1991 at Messrs Shook Lin & Bok, one of Malaysia largest law firms. A senior practitioner of 29 years standing, he has vast experience in the practise of law, commercial litigation and corporate commercial practice. He also sits in the Boards of many public listed companies in Malaysia. Having a heart for societal affairs, he has served on numerous NGOs ever since he became a lawyer. His compassion for public affairs saw him appointed as a political secretary to the Minister of Transport, Malaysia from 2009 to 2010. He was PEEAM Chairman from 2019-2021.

Puan Sri Nonadiah Abdullah


Datin Nonadiah Abdullah is the Director & Founder of Children’s Discovery House established 15 years ago now considered as one of the top preschools in the country operating 6 centres in Kuala Lumpur. Other educational setups in the group are Montessori Anakku, Discovery Studio and The Culinary Studio. Her 1st preschool in Mont Kiara, Children’s Discovery House opened in 2006 with a mission to provide children with experiences to achieve a balance of academic and personal excellence. She is today respected as the country’s expert in early years learning and have given talks at seminars organised by the government and corporate entities relating to education and entrepreneurship. She was PEEAM Deputy Chairman since 2019-2021.

Simon Tee Wee Siong

Deputy Chairman

Simon Tee, Founder and CEO of EDUWIS Education Group (founded in 1987). His entrepreneurial journey of growing EDUWIS bit by bit, raising it from infancy to adulthood, evolving from independent business to franchising model made him the business expert in the early childhood education. For the hope to achieve a new breakthrough for EDUWIS business, Simon made a big move embarking on the strategic merger with KEDIOS Group in June 2018. Leveraging on the complementary strengths of both, EDUWIS now has undergone a record growth rate where its centre number has grown from 39 to 70 within 24 months of merger. He was PEEAM Treasurer since 2019-2021.

Edwin Pang Tet Sin

Vice Chairman
Edwin Pang, Founder of MiKids Multimedia Teaching Programme. He has been involved since 1997 in the development of multimedia materials and early learning programmes for young children. He is passionately concerned with the provision of quality materials for children’s education, including but not restricted to English language education. His aim is to continue to provide schools with the best teaching materials in collaboration with experienced and qualified professional consultants in early childhood education and in English language education. As part of the quality policy, he seeks to learn and develop new skills in accordance with the changing needs of the private early education sector. His business interests are established in Malaysia, and he has in addition long and successful experience in overseas markets.

Tan Sian Hian


Tan is currently the Chief Corporate Alliance Officer of Kedios Berhad. He brings over 22 years’ experience (1998-2021) in early childhood education. His colourful journey over the years made him well versed in the business setting of early childhood education. Knowing very well about the pressing pain points faced by Education operators, he aspires to make KEDIOS a place for best business solutions to help Education brands to grow, flourish and sustain.

Salmy Yahya

Deputy Secretary

Salmy Yahya, Co-founder cum Master Trainer of Mywis Academy. She has almost 20 years experience in education industry and teaching experience in Early Childhood Education. All along her education journey, she realized that child-centered learning is the most effective learning for children and keep on finding the best opportunity to create the environment until she become a part of Mywis Academy where she was very agreed with the mission and vision of the academy. She is determined and dreams to further expand the STEAM learning to the nationwide.

Jeff Tan Chin Horng



Jeff Tan, Founder and CEO of Clever Education Group. He has more than 21 years of experience in education industry. He has participated and developed several educational TV programmes for kids as script writer in the past previous years. The first CLEVER Education Centre was founded in 2006 by Jeff. The founding of CLEVER is the realization of his dream to create a child-oriented teaching philosophy education centre for all. After the great success of the first CLEVER centre, he has successfully expands the CLEVER Education up to 50 centres nationwide in Malaysia.

Noraminah Omar


Noraminah Omar, the Lead Business Advisor for Life Tract Learning, giving support to SME to formalise their business and related process improvement. She has helped more than 200 early childhood practitioner in business and their career since 2013. It has become her aspiration to continue being empowered and empowering others in life as well as the business journey.

Chan Wen Dee


Wen Dee is the Director of XenoDios Sdn Bhd, an early stage company focused on spearheading education innovation. In addition to her ongoing work at XenoDios, she is also the COO of Kedios Group since Nov 2019 stepping from her previous position as Head of CEO Office, where she continues to help Kedios Group realise its mission of helping education companies grow on a deeper scale. Having held pivotal roles in every part of Kedios’ business, she is instrumental in legal, brand building, organisational culture shaping and capability building.