Joint Press Conference for Private Education Recovery Proposal to Government

Private Education Sector Seeks Assistance from the Government
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (June 12, 2020)- In partnership with other 5 educational associations, Private Education Entrepreneur Association of Malaysia ( PEEAM) announced today that they will put forward a joint proposal – “Private Education Recovery Plan (PERP)” to Ministry of Education (MOE) next week (before June 16) aimed at seeking for Government’s support to assist the private education sector on business recovery during COVID-19 rebuilding phase.
Joint proposal by:
1. Private Education Entrepreneur Association of Malaysia (PEEAM)
2. Persatuan Pendidik Profesional Bahasa Malaysia (PPPBM),
3. Persatuan Tadika Islam Malaysia (PERTIM),
4. Persatuan Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak Negeri Pahang (PPAKK),
5. Persatuan Tadika Swasta Petaling Perdana (PTSPP), and
6. Persatuan Pengusaha Pendidikan Swasta Sabah (PPPSS)
Initiating this proposal mainly is to represent the private education entrepreneurs on putting up their voices, needs and challenges to MOE and the Government in a constructive manner in relation to their business recovery plans now and for the future.
Based on the survey-based statistics from 1,125 respondents who are the operators from different education segments nationwide namely nursery, kindergarten, tuition centre, enrichment programme, home-school, private school and other private institutions, we analyse and come up a few important suggestions on topics below for the Government’s consideration.
1. Financial assistance and incentive for education institutions
a. Grant, digital adoption subsidy and others
2. Reopening of all education institutions no later than 1 July, 2020
3. Tax incentive for 10 years through income exemption
4. Recognising and regulating online learning programme
5. Merging Taska and Tadika under one ministry or agency
We acknowledge the efforts made by all levels of government in protecting lives, supporting businesses and strengthening the economy. With the first stage reopening of public schools for Form 5 & Form 6 on June 24, we believe there are many plans and efforts underway for the reopening of education sector.
Through this proposal, it is our hope that this feedback and suggestions are useful to the Government on devising plans to nurture the education recovery.
Let’s work together towards the betterment of everyone in the education industry.
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