An educators forum exploring the future outlook of private education in Malaysia.

Thanks everyone for joining today’s Zoom Forum titled “【齐心,齐育,齐天下】. We have a full house of 435 education entrepreneurs joining us.
Big thanks to our wonderful speakers who shared their experiences selflessly. We hope that everyone got some takeaways from the session on how to get through, move forward and seek opportunity in times of such unprecedented crisis.
Let’s Make Education Grow & Flourish!
“An Educators’ Forum Exploring the Future Outlook of Private Education in Malaysia”
As we are all aware, the current pandemic of Covid-19 has caused adverse effects to the global economy at large. Many industries are badly hit with an exception of a few such as food delivery, medical and IT related services. As a private education operator, what will be your plan and changes that you will be making to grow your education business after MCO is lifted?
“New normal” is going to be a new way of life when we are back to business post MCO. This new way of life will have its ripple effects to the collective thinking. Does that also mean that in the near future, new thinking is necessary to be in place in running our day to day business? Should private educators join hands and unite as one in this noble journey of ours together?
Let’s hear from some of the veterans and innovators in the Malaysian private education scene – sharing their experiences and/or innovative ideas to inspire you in strategising your business moving forward. We believe possible collective changes that unity and collaborations can bring will be the strategy to thrive in future.