Membership is open to individuals or corporate who fulfill the following criteria :


1. A professional in any field.

2. Bankruptcy
• Must be non bankruptcy

3. Nationality
• Must be Malaysian or Permanent Resident (PR)


1. Ownership
• Must be either director, founder, partner, owner or top
management of the company

2. License
• Must obtain license from BPS (MOE), IPTS (MOHE)

3. Company/ Centre/ Institution
• Taska, Tadika, Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak, Enrichment Centre,
Learning Centre, Pusat Tuisyen, Pusat Perkembangan Minda,
Pusat Muzik, Pusat Latihan, Sekolah Swasta, Private Institution,
International School, College or either education related service

4. Bankruptcy
• Must be non bankruptcy

5. Nationality
• Must be Malaysian or Permanent Resident (PR)

  1. The person should be above 18 years to be active member of this organization and without any criminal background.
  2. The person should be physically and mentally strong and willing to work for the organization individually or in a group and travel at his own expenses.
  3. A person is selected and can be removed by the chairman or core group without notice or giving reason for misconduct, misbehaviour, indiscipline.
  4. Member should attend the general meetings and participate fully and have to give written application for being absent, 3 days before the meeting.
  5. The meetings will be held on once a year at various location.
  6. The annual membership’s fee will be entitled for two (2) years membership with immediate effect till further notices.

Lifetime – RM1000

Ordinary – RM250 (per annum)

Registration fee @ RM50 at one time
*Due to pandemic COVID-19, the annual fee that you paid, will be entitled for two (2) years membership with limited offer period with term & condition apply.

Uncover member benefits that are most relevant to you

 1. Entitlement to publish on PEEAM’s official website, provides a wide range of quality publications that make the exchange of education knowledge and information possible among the professionals.
 2. Use of PEEAM’s logo in Business Card, Company website. Logo communicates brand values & additional meaning, it can also be leveraged to communicate important brand messages and values.
*3. Enjoy Exclusive Invitations to attend the seminar, talk, forum,conference, workshop relating to the franchising, licensing, taxation, accounting, etc.
*4. Participation in education exchange programme local and oversea forum that organized by PEEAM.
*5. Eligible in participating in the licensing workshop or
 6. Accessibility to online member forum.

Remarks: Members will enjoy special rates for seminars, talk, forum, conference, workshop,
exchange program stated in above clauses marked with (*).