Private Education Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PEEAM)​

PEEAM is a non-profit organisation established on 3 January, 2019. Private Education Entrepreneur Association Malaysia (PEEAM) was an idea initiated by a group of professionals from different backgrounds dedicated to provide a platform for Private Education Entrepreneurs to exchange and share ideas, to strive for affordable and quality education for Malaysians and to promote education entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

Why Join PEEAM?

PEEAM Objectives:

  1. Promoting education entrepreneurship through the following programmes and services.
    • Provide comprehensive directory for starting private education in Malaysia  – e.g. company registration, license and permit application, premises and location requirements, licensing and franchising business model.
  2. Define the operating quality benchmark and establish a grading system for Private Education Sector in Malaysia to preserve and ensure its quality.
  3. Organise educational and business-related seminars and conferences to empower them with knowledge.
    • Building education Human Resource Scheme such as – employee benefits, remuneration scheme and entrepreneurial career path
    • Brand building through accreditation
    • The power of capital strategy and Initial Public Offering (IPO) towards business growth and sustainability
    • Building a sustainable corporate structure and business model
  4. Connect entrepreneurs to reliable financing sources to help them launch, grow and expand their businesses.
  5. Become the highly esteemed awarding body in providing recognition and appreciation towards outstanding education entrepreneurs in Malaysia.
  6. Present timely update on any new policies and regulations introduced by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and Ministry of Education Malaysia.
  7. Promote collaboration between global education and Malaysia education aims to bring Malaysia education to the world.
  8. Organise corporate visit programmes for knowledge exchange and networking objectives.